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We believe you.

We are here
for you!

Domestic abuse is unacceptable and you
have a right to be safe. You do have options
and there are people who can help you.

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Who we are

Shetland Women’s Aid is the lead organisation in Shetland working towards the prevention of domestic abuse.

About Us

What is
Domestic Abuse?

Pushing, kicking, slapping, chocking, denying sleep, withholding food or medicine, forcing you to use drugs or alcohol, harming your pets.

Gaslighting, jealousy, humiliation, guilt-tripping, isolated from family and friends

Name calling, derogatory language, shouting or screaming at you or your children

Sex without consent, sexual assault, sexual blackmail, forcing you to watch pornography, sharing of images without consent

Withholding money, not giving you access to bank accounts, preventing you from having a job

Threatening behaviour, controlling who you can talk to, threats to harm you or themselves, making you dependant on them, not allowing you to do what you want

Watching your social media accounts, using technology to monitor your movements, pressuring you to give them your passwords, not being allowed access to technology

How we can help

We provide counselling and support to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

We offer temporary and safe accommodation for women and their families at our refuge, away from their abusive situation


We are a confidential service. Your information and story will not be shared with anyone outside Shetland Women’s Aid.