Staying Safe Online

If you are worried about someone seeing your web browsing history, it is possible to delete the web history recorded by your browser – however, deleting everything in your web history may be seen as suspicious. Most browsers have an option to delete selected websites from your web history or delete everything for a specific time period.

Most web browsers will have a “private browsing” or “incognito” mode. By enabling this, nothing about your activity will be stored on your computer.

Internet Explorer: Go to Safety – Tools – “InPrivate Browsing”.

Firefox: Click the Menu button with three horizontal lines – “New Private Window”.

Chrome: Click the Menu button with three horizontal lines and select “New Incognito Window”.

Unfortunately, there is now way to make your activity completely hidden online. The safest way is to use a completely separate computer, at a library, friend or family members house, or at work.

The LEAVE NOW button on the screen of this website will quickly hide this page, taking you to another site. However, it may still be possible to see that you have been browsing the Shetland Women’s Aid website on your search history – it is important that you delete this.

For more information on how to stay safe online, please visit the national Women’s Aid website or click the link below.

Covering Your Tracks Online via Women’s Aid.