Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland

The Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland (DSDAS) gives people the right to ask about the background of their partner.

It also allows concerned relatives and friends, the right to ask about someone’s partner. They can ask if they have been abusive in the past.

DSDAS also gives Police Scotland the power to tell people that they may be at risk. This information can be given if it is not asked for. 

Where there is information that a person may be at harm of domestic abuse by their partner, the police have the power to tell them.

Putting an Application in

The DSDAS Application form can be found in the link below.


You can also have an application form filled out for you at your local police station.

After the application is submitted it is passed to one of Police Scotland’s domestic abuse departments. The information will be added to a DSDAS database.

Police may need to contact you for more information. They will get in touch in a way you’ve asked for. 

A decision will then be made by the police to release information. This will only be done if there is a risk.

It will be given to the person potentially at risk, or another person close to them.